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WELCOME TO MALMÖ ! • Confirmed speakers
CONFERENCE VENUE: Moriska Paviljongen, (”Moriskan”).
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09.00–10.00 Coffee + mingle and hanging out in the Bistro.
Theme: New international superpowers in the media.
10.00-10.40. China, and the media internationally – Writer and publisher of the news page ”InBeijing”Jojje Olsson, originally from Sweden, interviewed online from Taiwan by Henrik Simonsen, journalist and former student of the Chinese language in Taiwan. 
Theme: Safe travels in unsafe environmentshow to protect yourself and stay safeMiddle East, Africa. Podcasting. Becoming a book publisher. New photo technics (360, VR) and how to adapt your reporting.   
10:40-11.10. Anna Roxvall, freelance and co-owner of Myteri förlag, on working in Africa and becoming your own bookpublisher.
11.10-11.40. Urban Hamid, on safety in the Middle East and podcasting.
11.40-12.00. Vilhelm Stokstad, photographer, on safety while working, and  360°-reportages in Myanmar.
12.00-12.30. Workshops.
a) Safety on trips (and podcasting)
b) How to become your own publisher
c) How to handle 360° photographing
12.30-13.30. Lunch (included)
Theme: Visual storytelling. How knowledge about stereotypes could contribute to detronize prejudice. Dehumanizing pictures historically and presently. How to illustrate and report without prejudice.
13.30-13.50. Michael Hutchinson-Reis,  film- and tv-maker, media trainer – on working in an international and multicultural context.13.50-14.10. Moa Matthis, writer, lecturer, critic & Joanna Rubin Dranger, ass. professor, illustrator, artist.
14.10-14.20. Panel on storytelling and stereotypes.
14.20-14.40. Coffee. (included)
14.40-15.30. Workshops.
a) How we built a online bank with historical stereotypic pictures, with Moa Matthis and Joanna Rubin Dranger.
b) Challenges, opportunities and risks in a diverse and changing work environment, with Michael Hutchinson-Reis.
15.45-16.00 Summing up the conference, future prospects for freelance journalists in the Nordic countries.
Gert Lundstedt
, chair of Swedish Freelancers, saying goodbye.
Next conference, Nordic Freelance 2019, which will be held in Denmark.


Read our page on Confirmed speakers for the latest updates! This is what we had on our wishing list when creating the program:

• Many chances for networking and meeting interesting colleagues from all Nordic countries.
• Many short lectures, TED-style, and at least three panels, on topics like threats against journalists and the media, diversity in the media, how stereotypes contribute to dehumanize ”the other”, and how to try to stay safe when working in ”unsafe” environments.
• Talks about orchestrated attacks on media, social media and journalists, by extremist trollfactories and secret agents, during elections in general and specifically during the Swedish Elections 2018 (taking place the week before our Conference).
• We also hope to be able to listen to at least one or two freelance photographers talking about their work, and also maybe about new technichs in photo (like 360° and VR) and how to use and present these in reportages.
• The program will also contain ”speed-matchmaking” (for those who seek colleagues working on the same topics, or just network contacts). Hopefully we will also offer a ”speed-consultation” for digital strategies.
• You might also be able to learn techniques for fire extinguishing, using a Heart Starter, performing First Aid and assessing bleeding wounds.

Safety has many different aspects to it. How do you stay safe Online? How do you stay safe when you have become a target for Hate and Threats? How do you protect your Sources and Informants? How do you stay safe in a stream of “Information” and Fake News that aims to break down peoples trust in Society and in You as a Journalist? And for those who travel or work in “unsafe” environments: How do you stay safe in a War Zone? And how do you stay safe when your ethnicity makes you visibly stand out?
We want to provide you with some answers!

We are now fully booked.

DESIGN: Short talks TED style, mixed with moderated panels and practical workshops. Networking. Book tables. Information.
Included for all: Morning coffee, lunch, afternoon coffee. 
Please: Don’t bring your luggage, leave it at your hotel! 

12.00-16.00  Nordic Top-meeting for the freelance federations (venue has been announced to invited union participants).
17.00-20.00  Dinner for Nordic Topmeeting participants.

FOR ALL EARLY BIRDS (sorry, fully booked): 
19.30-22.30  Meet-and-greetHang out with Nordic colleagues and listen to talks on organizing and taking the fight together.
OBS! NOT at Moriskan (but their bistro is open from 19.00). 

09.00–10.00. Register in the lobby at Moriskan, Have coffee in the Bistro. Check out exhibitions and bookselling-tables, mingle with other early arrived colleagues.
Theme: Hate and threats against journalists and communicators. International outlook. Staying safe. Getting support. Going to trial. Digital campaigns to disturb elections and create insecurity :
10.00-10.20. Introductions, the participating Nordic countries
Ulrica Hyllert,  Vice Chair of the Swedish Journalist Union, SJF.
Gert Lundstedt, Chair of the Swedish freelancers, SJF(f).
Sus Falch, Chair of the Danish Freelancers, DJ(f).
Oddrun Midtbø, Chair of the Norwegian Freelancers NJ(f).
Sami Turunen, Chair of the Finnish Freelance organization SFJ.
Kirsi Mattila, Chair of the Finnish Freelance organization FAO.
10.20-10.40. Keynote speaker Renate Schroeder, Director of EFJ, formerly also IFJ (European/International Federation of Journalists), on the situation for independent media workers in Europe.
10.40-11.00. Keynote speaker Alexandra Pascalidou, Swedish freelancer and writer, on hate, threats and haters.
11.00-11.30. Jonathan Leman (Expo) on extremism, how it expresses itself, how to understand and prevent it from spreading.
11.30-11.50. Keynote speaker Hanna Andersson (Fojo), on defending democracy and journalists.
11.50-12.15. Panel with all participants, plus representatives for the Police, and Brottsofferjouren (Swedish organization working with supporting crime victims. Has special programs for support to freelance journalists, politicians and other official persons).
12.15-13.00. Lunch (included)
Theme: ”Internet warriors”. How the digitalization has changed the media landscape and structures of power. Workshop: Protect yourself and your sources against hacking, encrypt your mail, secure your digital mindset, stay calm :
13.00-13.30. Kyrre Lien, photographer and filmmaker, shows and talks about his documentary work ”Internet Warriors”.
13.30-14.00. Aske Kammer, professor from Copenhagen, on the new media landscape and how this has changed power structures.
14.00-14.15. Short Q&A panel with the participants, also introducing Anders Thoresson, freelance specialized in digital security.
14.15-16.00. Workshop with Anders Thoresson. Your digital selfdefence. Protect yourself and your sources against hacking, encrypt your mail, stay calm and secure your digital mindset.
Bring your computer! The workshop starts with a more theoretical discussion and presentation on how and why we need to secure our digital footprints and sources.
14.45. Coffee (included)
15.00-16.00. Workshop with Anders Thoresson continues. Now with a more hands-on-approach, on how to encrypt mails or secure your harddesk. Participants who prefer to mingle instead of getting practical can choose between other possibilities.
Parallell Workshops 2×20 mins or just have Coffee & Mingle15.10 & 15.40.  a) Speed-Matchmaking – networking (in the Bistro)15.10 & 15.40. b) Your Personal Digital Strategies & how to use a Kanban (Spegelsalen)
c) or just mingle without any activities planned.
Theme: Learn how to identify ”fake news”, ”urban legends”, and orchestrated troll-campaigns, and avoid being fooled by them :
16.00-17.00. Aminata Grut will introduce the topic ”fake news” with recent examples of crazy headlines, AI, AR and media research .
Bengt af Klintbergwriter, researcher and professor, will talk about modern contemporary urban legends and how they seem to have a lot of common with old tales and myths. Part of the talk will be moderated with questions. 
International guests special : Belarus – closer than we think
17.00 – 18.00  Freelance journalist – at what cost?  
Can international solidarity diminish threats against freelancers? Discussion with Journalist Larysa Shchyrakova, one of the most harassed freelance journalists in Belarus during 2017, Volha Siakhovich, lawyer at Belarusian Association of Journalists, and Åsa Ohlsson, chairman of Frilans Syd (freelance journalists in southern Sweden), who is driving an unique project of collaboration project between BAJ, Belarusian Association of Journalist and Frilans Syd.

There will be a short break during this session and also time for questions.  Read more about this program here.

18.00-19.00. Please note that there will be only one hour between the end of the program and the start of the dinnerparty. Stay while the tables are set, mingle in the Bistro, have a beer or a soft drink!
18.00–22.00 Mingel Dinnerparty (union members only).
22.00. Disco, 23.00–(exhaustion) Nightclub Brazil, Moriskan.

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